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Hamble Point Marina, School Lane, Hamble
Southampton, SO31 4NB
United Kingdom

023 8045 6450

Osmotech is one of the UK's leading suppliers of bow and stern thrusters, stabilizers, marine systems and passerelles and gangways. 


Pics & Products

What can they do for me and why do I need them?


First of all, while most products available of various technologies and levels of efficiency are called stabilizers, the term itself is perhaps a little misleading. What they really do is reduce the roll movement of a vessel but not very much of the pitch, sway, yaw or heave movements you get on a vessel in waves. Luckily, in most situations, the roll is by far the more dominant and most uncomfortable motion, so reducing roll by a good percentage will make a huge difference in comfort and safety on board. 

So, at least if it’s a good system, stabilizers will reduce the roll of a boat and thereby increase comfort dramatically. But it’s important to note that some systems are focussed more towards ‘at anchor’ situations and others towards more time spent ‘cruising’. 


But why should customers have to choose? 
By both increasing efficiency and reducing the negative side effects of the old style fin stabilizers, the revolutionary performance of our new Vector Fin stabilizers actually have both aspects covered, so now customers can say yes please to both, without any negative effects on their boat at all. 


Do you need stabilizers? 
Well not being oxygen, food or water, then obviously not! But if you really enjoy boating then stabilizers are guaranteed to make you enjoy it even more. Not least for those with limited time available, they will find themselves enjoying boating much more on those precious few days when they do have the time to spare.